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Hello world! October 30, 2008

Filed under: Uncategorized — astridgrover @ 1:13 pm

Finally i have my very own blog..Thanks Mel for helping me to actually start bear with me peeps…im very new in this so everything might be alittle boring and amature-ish for most of you..but im a fast learner and i hope i cud make this alitle bit more interesting and “colorful”..a few advice from u bloggers would be very much welcomed. Any comments please add on…

Im just an ordinary woman living an ordinary life in this ordinary society trying to make her life alittle bit less ordinary….So this would be a channel for my thoughts…anything and everything under the sun….hopefully some of you might know me just alittle bit more…

As a start..i would like to welcome you peeps to my official blog…Till my next post…Ciao!!!


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