Alone Time…

Nature's beauty
Nature’s beauty

Its always wonderful to wake up to a beautiful place on a beautiful morning….Especially wen u had a night of soul searching…Waking up to the beauty of nature with a clear mind makes life easier again. Ready to face it..bring it on!!

Coffee, laptop and the beautiful highlands

Coffee, laptop and the beautiful highlands

Wat more could i ask for…a gud cuppa coffee facing a wonderful view of the highlands telling the world how great this day is and will be…I just know this day will be perfect…Why dint i do this before? I have always wanted to take a vacation alone…Its not as scary as i always thought it would be…in fact its the best vacation i’ve had…I highly recommend this to all..its just so refreshing…its a good remedy for those who want to get rid of sum clutter in their mind..

Clouds passing thru...  Looking out my room..and seeing all this serene beauty..freezes time for awhile…no matter how many times you see the same thing..its still so beautiful and gives the same feeling…Problems just suddenly dissapear…your mind just suddenly goes to blank mode and yet you feel sumwat lighter…happier…thats just wat we need..even for awhile…so like i said..for those who needs to unclutter your life..your mind…start by taking that much needed trip alone…spend quality time with yourself and no other…if you need to cry…cry all you want the night before…but when the morning comes, get up, have a nice hot cuppa drink and just sit outside and enjoy the view…your mind will surprisingly be so much clear and u’ll be ready to face life again…Believe it will…



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