Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

Im sitting here at my desk in my office on a Christmas Eve…feeling crappy because of the cold i got last monday. And to make it all worse, im so sleepy from the medication. I cant seem to get my eyes open. Slept for a while at my desk..heck the boss is not around anyways. And my other colleages are cool about it. They should understand my condition.

Anyway, last night i had a really great night just hanging out with good friends at an impromtu Caroling session at a friends’ house. We ended up singing the entire night while drinking good port wine and a couple bottle of beers. (I didnt drink any though…was on medication) Looking around the room I realized that I was the only one workng the next day…Christmas Eve!! Dang!!

So here i am in my office bored and cant wait to get off early (IF i can) to go to mass. Hmm..mebe i could drop by Vincci to get me a pair of sandals to match my Christmas outfit..heheh..a last minute present for myself wouldnt hurt…ehehehe…Anyways, I just want to take this opportunity to wish everyone A VERY HAPPY AND BLESSED CHRISTMAS…MAY YOU HAVE A WONDERFUL CELEBRATION!!!



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