$$$$..out the window!!

Arghhh!!! I feel sooo cheated!!! I subscribe to the DIGI data lite plan hoping that i could pay the minimum fee to save cost cuz i only plan to go online to check emails…but you know wat? instead i was charged RM300!!! and to make it worst…i only used it once for 20minutes!!! Im so mad at my sis for not giving me the right info!! and to think she’s the customer service rep there…wen it comes to the usage capacity..i know zero…so i just had to trust her for the info..and all she said was..”u just try lah” how can she not tell me that the data lite plan is not suitable for internet use on the pc/laptop!!! All she said wen i confronted her was “How la i know??? Dont tell me ba what i should know…” HELLLOOOOOO!!!!! if other customers came to you is that wat you gonna say??? If other customer asked you for recommendations on which plan to take..is that wat you gonna answer??? “I DONT KNOW??”…wer’s your brain la?

I went into literally just about 10 webpages and i got charged 300bucks!!! thats so ridiculous…now im broke and my budget for the rest of the year just flew out the window!!!

Lesson learnt…NEVER deal with “her” regarding my phoneline…(or anything else for that matter)…she’s useless…I’d rather go myself..thank you very much


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