I couldnt sleep well for the past few nights. All im thinking about is what i can do to make more money…just to get through the days.  I’ve got some idea on what i think i can do but i just dont know wer to start. And i dont have that much resources to even get it started. Im so stressed. I guess this is the most desperate i have ever been. I cant take a part time job cause I’m bonded with a learning institute. If they find out that i do work they would kick me out of the course, no questions asked. Even worse, I would have to pay back the total cost of the course. See, im actually funded by the government to take this course. In fact i even get an allowance to attend this course – Event Management. Unfortunately, the allowance is not enough for me to get by every month. I’ve just so much morgages and repayments that im left with just a few hundred for my monthly spendings (petrol, food, misc expences,..)

Of course when i left my job (which pays me a little above the average income in where I live..yeah i was living the comfortable life), I did think about back-up plans on how to get extra income.  I have my reasons for leaving..which i never regretted. The only problem with me is that im such a procrastinator. I know i can do alot of things that give me enough income to cover my expenses….but being a profesional procrastinator…i allowed myself to suffer for the past few months…counting every cents i have and not being able to do alot of things that, unfortunately, require cash.  I had to wait till my cash ran out till i start to move my butt…geez…typical procrastinator.

So im sitting here in my living room surfing the net on wat other income ideas. One that is of low risk, low start up, easy-to-manage…but good returns…hmmm…easier said than done.  I did come across alot of good ideas and which are all do-able….but those do require time and allloooot of cash to start and get the returns.  But right now i think selling things online is probably the quickest way. It may not be easy but it works..of course I have to put some action into it and not just think of it (which is so good at)….

There are lots of online websites that i can sell from..just a matter of which one. And im very much a blur on the nitty-gritty details on how to do this thing.  And it doesnt help that Im so not good at IT stuff…I have to force myself to learn everything from scratch…dats where I get stuck alot of the time…I need help!!! I need someone to teach me step-by-step to get me started….im getting bored reading blogs, forums, searching, searching…sometimes i dont even know what im supposed to look for……which ebay?? From collectibles to cars, buy and sell all kinds of items on eBayden there’s mudah.myGo to fullsize image… to fullsize image….urgh…information overload!!!

it’s already afternoon and i’ve been at this since morning. Im getting sleepy…i think i will rest my brain now…heheh…hopefully i wake up with an “ah’ha!!” moment..and i can finally know which path i will take…hehehe…wish me luck!!!


4 thoughts on “Cash Running out…STOP PROCRASTINATING!!!

  1. melbie says:

    Getting the kick-start is the hardest part.. but once you get over that phase, all will be flowing nicely 🙂 as long as you don’t go back to you procrastinating mode! LOL!

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