Durian!! Durian!! Durian!!

Woahhh….i think i ate too much durians..im getting a little dizzy…This is the 1st time we had so much durians around at home. Usually the whole family will fight for it cuz its not always we get to eat the smelliest fruit in the world (yet its the creamiest and delicious)

My grandmother’s durian trees are bearing fruits by the dozens…the last it bear that much was more than 10 years ago. This time round, we were practically giving it away to friends & extended relatives. For the past few weeks my parents (my dad especially) have been going back to my grandma’s to literally wait for the fruit to fall from the tree. Everyday they would get around 30-40 durian fruit. So u can imagine how much there is to eat. I did tell my dad to sell it off to fruit vendors but he said we dont get to eat durians that often and everyone in our family loves the fruit..so why sell it off?? True..but there’s just so much we can take at one time…im starting to get sick of it…especially the smell and I dont want to end up hating the fruit all together…Im seeing durians every where..in my fridge there are literally containers full of durians..and the smell seeps into everything in the fridge..even our water tastes like durian…

see those many containers...

see those many containers...

yes...its full of durians

yes...its full of durians

For those of you who just happen to stumble upon my blog and have no idea what DURIANs are..well..this is how it looks like…


The name Durian (pronounced /ˈdʊəriən/) comes from the Malay word ‘duri’ meaning thorn..which simply describes the fruit. Its flesh has a very creamy texture which is usually yellowish. But there are some species that is red or orange (which i personally am not a fan of those species).

Its a fruit that is found in South East Asia…we call it King Of Fruits cuz of the thorns which can cut you. And of course its extremely strong smell. Most people would say it has a foul smell but some find it aromatic…The smell is so strong that most airlines and hotels have notices that ban this fruit from being brought into their premise. I remembered there was one scene in the reality show Survivor where one of the challenge was to eat durian….my family laughed so hard cause if we were to be put to that challenge, we’d win it hands down.

Anyway, as much as I LOVE Durians, i think i’ve had enough for this year…anyone wants some?


4 thoughts on “Durian!! Durian!! Durian!!

  1. housewife9988 says:

    U r very much luckier than anybody around… we have to buck out to buy but you have 30-40 durians in a day… Wow.. good life..

    • astridgrover says:

      well, actually yeah…dats true..dis comes only once in a very looonng time..the last it rained durians was i guess almost 10 years ago…i guess somtimes we take things for granted…

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