Time to Take Over

I have always dreamed that I would be my own boss and run my own business. That dream has been there since ages. I had so much biz ideas but after last week when my dad asked me to take over his bar, it finally hit me that this is it…im one step up to my dreams. Gulp!!! I dont know if I should be excited or scared…suddenly there’s so much to think about and I dont know where to start.

I am excited to run the bar on my own…i’ve got so many plans for it..the biggest one is that I want to revamp the interior of the bar. It sooo needs alot of change. Then there’s the staffings I need to handle. Then there’s the accounting part of it Then there’s the marketing part of it… decisions!!decisions!!decisions!!! Im starting to feel the stress…*sigh*

I actually dont mind just running the place. Thats the easy part. The hardest & tiring part is the planing & startup…I have to learn this from scratch. And its not helping that I dont know where & how to start… I need all the help I can get. *sigh*

No matter what, I cant back out now. I’ve got to do it. Its now or never.  Its not easy but I know its much more worth it than working for others. I dont want to go back to the rat race. Im glad my dad is finally accepting the fact that about me not going back to the 9-5 job.  I finally get the strongest support I need.Phew!!

So now i will be extremely bz with work. But Im ready…(i hope)…anyone would like to give me some tips for a newbie in this?? All comments welcomed…


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