Sick again…damn…

Its monday and im in class sitting in the corner of the room..quiet.. I think im gona be sick..last night I didnt get enough sleep. Every 3 hours, I would wake up.  Then it would take me an hour to go back to sleep.  I’ve been having a hard time to sleep at night for the last few nights.  Right now my throat hurts, my nose blocked and my eyes watery…wat a day to start my week…Im so looking forward to this week especialy towards the end of the week…this wednesday my class will be having a class trip to a new resort somewhere in Kimanis about an hour half from KK City…if i end up sick, i cant enjoy my trip…den on saturday…my birthday…and this year im planing a small dinner with just very very close friends. Its been awhile since I clebrated my bday with one of my best friends, Barbara..her birthday’s on 21st Oct..

So with the weeks filled with activities, I really dont want to get sick.  I force myself to drink extra gallons of water to get rid of the sore throat…Cross my fingers that I will not get sick..This is where law of attraction come in very useful…



2 thoughts on “Sick again…damn…

    • astridgrover says:

      I did..thank gudness..on the day we left i was still having flu but once we reached there…it was gone…i guess since i didnt think of it dat much and was enjoying my time away it just automatically disappeared. I had a very good week…ended with a very small but nice & memorable birthday dinner with my very good friends…

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