Flea Market!! Flea Market!! Love ’em

I just looove going to flea markets. You never know what you can find at flea markets. And the best would be the bargains you can get..so worth it..I just spent the afternoon at a one-day flea-bazaar organized by an organization called Junior Chambers International. Along with me was my oh so vintage cousin & her friend. All of us share the same thing…we’re crazy about vintage stuff. For RM30, i got four tops! My cousin got few DVDs, a cool beaded flat shoes, a leather clutch, brand-new original Crocs..all for less than RM150!!!

It was a small bazaar, just about 14-16 vendors that day but there were so many things to find. But of course clothes were the most abundant. Women can never be satisfied with their wardrobe and so they…erm..WE (this includes myself)..we tend to buy clothes every chance we get. So naturally, we end up with pile and piles of clothes and most of the time we dont even know we had them.  I realized that for alot of women, Me especially,  tend to keep those pieces that we cant fit hoping we would lose the weight and one day finally fit in nicely…still hoping…not there yet…And whats not wardrobe healthy is that even if we know its no use keeping them we dont really wanna give it away. Hoarding problem I guess? Or just dont want to go through the cupboard which is so full it just might break and explode.

But then i guess that if an opportunity comes along and there is a flea market around, I think I would make the effort to go and sell my clothes. Who wouldnt want to get extra cash for selling stuff that’s lying around at home right? Aaand…as bad as this sounds…I get to buy other vintage stuff..hehehhe…Beats the purpose of ‘spring-cleaning’ my personal stuff..Oh well! We lose some, we get some.

I just wish there would be more of these flea market sales around. We do have our weekly Tamu in every district of Sabah. But its just not the same as those Garage / Flea market sales. Probably I could arrange one garage sale of my own. Maybe get the whole extended family involved cause i know for sure that they have a gazillion cool stuff in their homes. Who knows, it could be an annual family event!!! Hmmm…that seems like a good idea!! Ok..im gona call my cousin now and make this happen..See ya later!!


One thought on “Flea Market!! Flea Market!! Love ’em

  1. melbie says:

    I was there too! Should’ve followed you around and take your photos LOL! But then, sia tulung c odiri juga jaga booth dia.. so nda dapatla … and surprisingly, I didn’t buy anything! Hooray! Bravo to me, dapat juga tulak nafsu mau shopping… hehehe

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