My week in a nutshell…

Its been awhile since my last blog huh? At one point I almost forgot i had a blog..hahhaha…anyway.ive been a bit bz with a project that my friends & I have to organize..Monday Rush…its on 7th December…tick tock tick tock..time is running out and i still have not seen any performers..ops i forgot..Monday Rush is actually a mini concert showcasing fresh new local acts who play creative music…music that combines traditional with modern or street music. We’re looking for anyone who can come up with anything to make music.We’re hoping to attract fresh talents and introduce a new music scene in KK..We’re kinda bored with the usual rock bands or R&B bands you find in local pubs..playing those top 40 hits..and they’re not even local!! So yeah..been busy with that.. Check out our link…

monday rush posterwithlogo

And i also went to a 2-day Outward Bound School program…fun but xtremely exhausting…i used every inch of my muscle to carry my own weight…Mahn im heavy!! Hahahaha…But i like going there (this was my second time)…Its fun to get out of your comfort zone and really test your maximum abilities and face your fears…

The next day after OBS, it was back to reality…work work work..urgh..not even a day to recuperate…Luckily my lecturer was kind enough to give us all half a day rest…

Well, that’s it in a nutshell…i would describe more in details about my week but erm…i wanna go to a flea market in a bit!! YAY!! Happy Happy Joy Joy!!!

Next week will be another  bz bz bz week…I have a report to submit and I’ll be attending a wedding in KL and then there’s our Monday Rush tryouts…den its DECEMBER!!! *gulp*…


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