700 bucks gone in a flash…

…103 sheeps..104 sheeps..105 sheeps..(still counting)…its 2.45am…and im still wide awake!!! I could count to a million sheep and still will not be sleepy…could it be the wrong oil im burning right now? Is that y im so wide awake? Should have burned that last few drops of lavander…oh well…i might as well do some much needed update on my blog. hmmm..but what should i blog about this time? Leme see..This week so far was abit quiet..nothing much happened except for the Monday Rush event i’ll be handling on the 7th..*gulp* five days to go…i dowana talk about it now…

Last week on the other hand was GREAT!!! I (and a few others) were sponsored a trip to KL (flight, hotel, airport transfer and all) to attend a family member’s wedding reception. Why we were sponsored you ask? Well, somewhere mid this year, we became the wedding planners for a cousin/niece’s wedding..and as a token of appreciation, they arranged to sponsor our trip to KL to represent their side of the family to the groom’s side of the family. It was a mixed marriage..one of Kadazan culture and one of Indian culture. My niece is obviously the Kadazan. They got married earlier this year in Papar. A church wedding and a traditional kampung reception, though the deco was unlike any other normal kampung wedding deco.  Best i’ve seen so far..*ehem wink*…So this time around, they had a temple blessing and thereafter a dinner reception specially for their family & friends in KL. This was the very 1st time i have ever attended a typical Indian wedding. Going to the temple at Old Klang Road was quite exiting to me. I’ve always wanted to see what’s inside the temple.  And of course how the wedding ceremony is done. I just love to hear the ‘tabla’ player play…

the temple priest doin' his thing

the couple entering the reception hall

it will never be complete without the dance performances

i cant believe we sat through 3 hrs straight of indian dance

I spent the entire weekend shopping like crazy in KL…and having the year-end sales around didnt help much on the wallet…But i was happy. The stuff i got…nothing to complain about…worth every ringgit. Except maybe the ridiculously overpriced taxi fare…Getting a taxi in KL that actually use the meter is like waiting for a shooting star to cross the sky…The entire time I was there I only managed to get in ONE cab that used the meter…the rest of the time…got charged up to RM35 for a one way trip that could cost maybe only RM15 if the driver used the meter…and he even demanded for us to pay the toll charges!! – twice the actual toll amount! Wat da’ Flying Fish! Other than that…the rest of where my money went…was worth it.


2 thoughts on “700 bucks gone in a flash…

  1. melbie says:

    You would’ve spent more if you could afford it, right? LOL

    Anyway… Have a blessed, merry Christmas 2009 and a very happy, prosperous New Year 2010! Cheers!!!!!

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