Gudbye 2009…Hello 2010!!

The New Year is finally here…it is now the 5th day of the year 2010. So far so good. For the 1st time in the history of my life, i did not do the new year countdown with my family. I was with friends at Stompin’ Sabah, Jesselton Point. It felt weird not being with the whole family (my sis was an exception, she was with me then) during the countdown. Somewhat boring. Kinda empty. Like there was something missing. New Year with the family has always been our tradition. Never once have i missed being with the family. Every year it was the same routine. I kinda got bored with it. Few times i wanted to do something different. Spend the new year differently with close frens.But I guess I have been so used to having my whole extended family around for the countdown that when i am finally somewhere else for the new year, i still felt like i wana be with the family and counting down to the new year. I love my friends and want to be with them but like I said, there was that emptiness. Like my new year is not complete without being with my wacky family. So just half hour after the stroke of midnight, my sister & I decided to go back to my uncle’s place to spend the rest of the night with them. Besides, my dad would be furious if i didn’t.

Looking back to the year 2009…it was another crazy roller coaster ride. 2009 started very well…happy times…great company..great friends…great companion…then i did the very thing i wanted to do on my 2009 new year resolution list…I quit my crazy job! Never looked back since. Eventhough that move made me cut my expenses to more than half of what I was used to. And it also meant I would not be able to have any savings left till end of the year. But i knew i would get thru’ it. And i did. There were many other downs too but I guess i’ll keep that to myself. Besides, I cant really put those in my significant moments of 2009. Small matters. As the years passed on and almost come to an end. As always (since the last few years), I went to another hard bump in my life. December has always been the worst month for me. Eventhough it’s supposed to be the season of forgiveness and joy Naaah…not for me. This year, I lost a friend’s trust. Which I was really disappointed as this one friend of mine was the person I trusted the most here. And there they go blindly breaking that trust. Now, Im not sure if i could ever trust that friend. I do miss this friend very much. We went through so much together. But Im still angry by their action that it will take abit longer for me to forgive and accept the friendship back. Besides, this friend still has not come clean with me yet. Till then, I’ll let it cool and move on. Welcome the new year with fresh tactics to overcome 2010 (which btw, i heard is one tough year for those who are into Feng Shui).

But like i said earlier on, 2010…so far so good…it has been great actually. My cousin got married…i was so bz (but happy) helping her out. Running here and there. Kept myself occupied. I just love helping out for weddings (which I intend to do professionally). Its nice to make brides feel abit relaxed especially moments leading to their big day. Oh and I got hired by two of my other cousins as their wedding manager!! Wuhooo!!! Im so excited!! And today…the 5th day of 2010…i had another great day hanging out with my 2nd cousin whom i have not seen in a while. And guess wat..i think it was just meant to be…today of all days, her husband told me that his brothers are looking for a wedding planner!! Wadya know…Law of attraction working its magic!! Now i can feel the good vibes coming back and I intend to keep it rolling!!! 2010…bring it on!!


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