Like children at the Zoo…

Yup…that’s how I felt the whole day today….and that was where I was too, Lok Kawi Wildlife Park.

Few days back, I received a surprising text message from an old colleague from my previous company whom I haven’t heard in a while. She invited me to spend a day at the zoo with some other colleagues who I also have not met since I left the company. I wasn’t really soooo excited about the zoo thing..but I was thinking like, what the heck least I get to hang out and laugh with my friends.  And laugh we did..LOTS!!

So today we all met up at the zoo about 10-ish…just in time to ride on Boy, the Bornean elephant. Cute lil’ fella…We went around the zoo…walking, laughing, taking lots of pictures, laughing some more, talking to a bird (yeah! That was funny…) laugh again… This talking bird I was saying, I forgot what name, I think in the parrot family, is black with a dash of orange on its head. This bird easily picks up sentences and mimics people’s voices. So anyway, we all passed by its cage and tried talking to it..All it said was “Hi!” and “Bye!”, so we moved on to another cage..I was the last in line..suddenly that same bird called out “Dari mana kau?” (meaning “Where you from?”) in a typical Kadazan (ethic race in Sabah)  slang. I called out to my friends and we ended up going back to the bird and spent quite awhile there trying to make it talk more. We managed to get some other sentences from the bird like “Ni Hao Ma?” and “Negara ku…” cute!! It was nice to spend a day with the animals. (eyes roll..okaaaay…) but yeah I kinda like it and what I realized was that each zoo staff have their favorite pet. Like there was this hornbill stuck like glue to its caretaker. You can really see their tight bond…the guy was nudging the birds head and playfully boxing its beak,..really bonding ya’ know? Then there was another guy with his baby Orang Utan. So adorable!!! If I had a choice of which animal I can take as a pet, I would go for the Orang Utan definitely. But it’s sad to say that these wild animals are kept in captive. Most of the animals are in really small cages and just restricts them from their natural behavior. So you end up seeing these animals sleeping..I was really sadden by the cages for the leopards and this White Chest Sea Eagle…its so bloody small that they can’t even move around! Eagles are my favorite bird cuz its so majestic and beautiful. Especially when it’s flying…the eagle in the cage can’t even fly 10 ft across. I feel so bad for the bird.

Anyways, the zoo really isn’t that huge but since we took our time looking at the animals, taking pictures and talking & laughing along the way, at only halfway through we got reaaaaaly hungry and thirsty…Well, we didn’t realized that it was already 1pm. We quickly headed towards the exit and off we went to the nearest restaurant, J Borneo.

It’s a very nice and interesting place. Very cool ambiance. All its furniture is made of natural wood. Kudos to the carpenter! Lots of interesting carvings in different places. You’ve got to have a good eye to spot them. We had lunch. Yummy! And then…some of my colleagues just couldn’t resist having a few sets of beer and karaoke! Beer mid-afternoon…hmmm…We ended up conquering the karaoke and singing our hearts out till almost 5pm…

So yeah..I had fun..hope we could do it again..not to the zoo though..probably another place…Simpang Mengayau perhaps??hheheeh

Boy the elephant...


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