Animal Cruelty at the highest degree

I just watched this documentary about this cooking competition in Taiwan or China or sumting…cudnt understand it cuz it was in mandarin. But even if i didnt understand a word being said that doesnt mean i cudnt figure out the cruelty involved. Can you imagine..animals being cooked alive!!! and worst…served still alive!!! thats like sooooo cruel and it just grossed me out!!

The main objective of the game was speed. And they had to make sure other than taste, the main ingredient should still be alive when served. One of the main dish they had to prepare in the competition was snake meat. Guess wat the chefs did?? Held the snake by the head, dipped it in boiling water, skinned it and cut out its guts, chopped it to 10 parts and straight away served nicely on a serving dish with its sauce dip. What was so gross was that the body parts were still wiggling around!!! How can u eat such thing!!

This is the most disturbing part. How can u even think of eating a fish fried alive in a wok..head kept above oil level so it wont die…and later served on a nice porcelain dish complete with all its garnishing and sauces on top. The fish is still alive for goodness sake!!! That’s like cruelty at the highest level!!

How would you like to be cooked and eaten alive!! Just kill the animals already. Dont let them suffer like that! Urgh! These people just make me sick..


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