From Super Straight to CRAZY CURLS!!

I needed a change in my hairstyle. I’ve had my hair straightened and i was so bored of it!! Yeah it was easy to manage..i dont need to blow dry or put any styling products on it. It always looks in place. But its sooo boring and dull…i just had to make a change.

Crazy messy curls is what i go for the new year…I’m so crazy about em’. Even though i didnt really had that in mind when i first went to the saloon. Like everyone else, i wanted to be safe and get those soft curls. You know the kind you see on Hollywood celebrities..those romantic curls. I told my stylist exactly what i wanted. And as usual..she assured me I will get those loose curls when in fact it wasnt even loose!! She used small curlers! I just dont get why all these hairstylist never listens to what their clients want. I specifically asked for big loose curls but instead she gave me really small tight curls! And they always give the same reason..”it’ll loosen up after a while”…urgh! I dont want to wait “awhile”..i want my curls loose like NOW! Jeez…So yeah..i ended up with really curly hair..oh well..

However…after a couple of days…i kinda grow to love my hair.  I mean its crazy curly but hey its kinda sexy! Hahahahaha… And after coloring it to a lighter shade..i love it even more!!! Anyways, I like to be abit different from everyone else. And actually curly hairstyles are more versatile and its not really dat hard to take care of. Its not boring! I can let it all down, or tie in a loose ponytail, or do a romantic updo…and i dont even need to comb my hair! I love it! The messier the better!

Long curls galore!!

This is where it all started..

I actually love mid-length curls..especialy Charlize Therons’ do.. I always loooved dat hairstyle on her… hmmm..mebe after i’m done with my long curls..i wana chop it to dat length..

Short curls look nice too..some inspirations for ya'

i love her hair!! My next hairstyle..

So this is me….


2 thoughts on “From Super Straight to CRAZY CURLS!!

  1. melbie says:

    yeah, nice curls … sikit sia nda kanal dari belakang with the hair colour juga heheheh …

    I was bored with my long, straight hair too… but unlike you who had your hair curled.. I simply cut them short! hahaha .. lagi sinang mau jaga, sinang mau cuci lepas main futsal … and so far, I’m loving it.. tu ja la.. macam cepat ni panjang .. hehehe

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