Being under the knife – Part 2

Day Two – 18th Feb 2010, Thur

The night before was so stressful. I din get to sleep at all. It was freakin’ly bright! And noisy. Everyone was awake as early as 5am. So i had to wakeup too. I finally changed into the ugly green hospital pajamas but i din wear the sarong. I dont wana walk around with that (not yet). I so couldnt wait to move to SMC. I overheard the nurses talking…seriously i didnt need to stay over a night at QEH. I could just go directly to SMC and be warded for pre-op. WTF!! Wastes the entire day just doin nothing?? So anyway, I got to ride the ambulance to SMC…unfortunately i couldn’t get to ride it with the siren on. 😦 Dang..i wanted that. I reached SMC a.k.a QEH1 and got “checked-in” to my ward. Since the SMC building is shared with QEH the whole building is divided in half, SMC being the nicer hospital. My room number was 206. They stuffed 2 extra beds in there which was suppose to be for only two. Finally an air-conditioned room with only 2 other ppl and a private bathroom!!

Anyway..nothing much happened this day. I just had to wait for the operation the next day. Oh but I did get the IV tube on my right wrist. That was scary. Luckily the doctor who did it got in the right vein. It would be a horror if they missed a vein and have to look for another.

That night might just be the longest night of my life…Every minute brought me closer to the moment i would be pushed to the operation room…and i got scared. I just wanted to get it over and done with. By 12 midnight i was told to start fasting…no food or liquid until my operation. So before that i stuffed myself with the pork bun my aunt got for the earlier. I didn’t want to get up hungry the next morning. Not that I will cause i would be on the IV drip anyways.

Just before midnight the nurse gave me something to clear my lungs just incase i get any asthma. Helps me with breathing.  Also the nurse gave me sleeping pill so i could sleep well. Thank God…i slept like a baby the rest of the night..


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