Under the knife..Pt3


I have been such a procrastinator…I should have been done with this story since ages ago but well..yeah..what do you expect from a lazy bum like me..ehehhehe…

So anyway…

Day 3, 19th Mar

This is it…the day of my operation…gulp….i woke up exactly 8 hours since the time i fell asleep…i couldn’t eat or drink anything, i din have the mood to read..so i just waited…my sis, who stayed with me at the ward had to go back home and go to work..so for the next 3 hours i waited alone…i just hated the whole waiting thing…i just wanted to get it over and done with.

About close to 9am my mom came just in time to see me get pushed on the stretcher..I wont deny…i did shed a few tears…im just too emotional. I know it was nothing and i was gonna be fine but seeing my mom’s worried face and just lying down on the cold stretcher knowing i’ll be goin into the ops theater, put to sleep, get cut open, blood, flesh, tubes, needles…Have no idea how they gonna do it, what’s gonna happen during the surgery, will there be complications? will i loose alot of blood? how will be I be after i wake up? are they gonna leave the long tube down my throat after i wake up? all those Q repeating in my head as the nurses pushed me to the ops room.  I did try to calm my nerves by talking nonsense to them…stuff about the hospital layout. the weather… Oh and i did have this i-feel-like-im-in-Gray’s Anatomy moment…the scenes on TV where the director show bright lights moving fast..yeah..thats’ exactly what i saw…

Finally i was in the ops theater…not really what i imagined it would be…nothing like Gray’s or ER…its just a huge bright room with some boxes and junks stored at one corner…and equipments scattered everywhere.  I was pushed to the GA area…i remembered it was really fast..the only pain i felt was when they injected into my arm…mahn! it hurt…but quick luckily..Then after that the last i remembered before i knock-off to sleep was that i saw another guy next to me on a stretcher…The next thing I knew, i heard someone calling out the name “Hazlina..Hazlina..”  I was abit confused when i awoke cuz i wasnt really used to be being called by my middle name.. The first thing i said to the doc was…”i need to pee”…hahhahaha…

I was still drowsy when they pushed me back to my ward. I saw my mum, my uncle and aunt waiting for me inside. Then I remembered saying again i needed to pee…it was so weird and uncomfortable peeing in that stainless steel bedpan…cold i tell you…but what the heck…its not like i can get up and go to the toilet myself. As soon as i let it all out…i fell back to sleep…

When I got up, there so alot of ppl in the room…i got to know that my surgery was for 4 hours…no wonder i sooo wanted to pee the moment i woke up. And i realized there was a big gauze in my mouth…so i couldnt speak..i just looked at everyone starring and talking about me…luckily i din really feel any pain…My throat hurt tho’. I guess because of the tube (thank GOD the docs pulled out the tube BEFORE i woke up…) And i was sooo damn thirsty…but since i was advised not to consume anything i had to let it be.

That night was torturous…i couldnt sleep cuz my back and legs hurt so bad…I guess cuz my body was in one position for so long..it was the worst muscle cramps i had…Poor mum, she had to massage my back the whole nite.

The days after…20th – 22nd March

I woke up the next day feeling abit better. But i couldnt stand the smell coming from the gauze in my mouth..the nurses didnt dare take it off without the doctor’s instructions. Imagine the blood and saliva soaked up in the gauze the whole nite. Yuck… And to make it worst, the doc only came in the afternoon…gosh..luckily i was so sleepy early in the day.

I couldnt really walk just yet so i still had to use the bedpan. And i couldnt eat anything or even drink alot of water so i only had sips of water just to wet my throat. Furthermore, i cant even open my mouth wide. My fams had to use a straw which i couldnt sip from so that use the straw to drip water into my mouth…

What i liked was that for the 1st time in my life i actually had full upper lips!!! hahahah…no Angelina Jolie but still..i had upper lip. Thanks to the soreness from the operation. Also i felt like my nostrils grew a few millimeters wider…i looked like Christina Ricci in the movie Penelope…

I was under medical care for two more nights. The 2nd day after my operation, I could already walk slowly to the bathroom to use the toilet (Thank God! No more bedpan). It was abit of a hassle for me to walk tho’ cuz I had my IV drip on my ankle…like why the ankle? Everytime i walked, blood goes out the tube and later the nurse had to adjust the IV back to my veins. Which sometimes gets very uncomfortable and painful. I really hated when the nurse comes in every few hours to give me my dose of antibiotics and painkillers…Some nurse inject the painkillers slowly into my system so i wont feel any pain.. but some nurse…whoaahh..they dont give a damn…its as if they’re rushing for something and just simply pump the painkillers into my IV…painful i tell you.

So basically it was the same routine for the few days i was there. I woke up at 6am, the nurse checked my blood pressure and den gave me my dose of antibiotic and painkillers. Read magazines, watched dvd’s, chatted with my “roommates”. Luckily friends and family came by during visiting hours. At least i wasnt so bored. At night i usually sleep late cuz i slept all throughout the day anyways….I still couldnt eat anything solid…thank gudness I have my Herbalife shake…the worst part i guess was not being able to shower…My hair was sooo damn itchy and oily. Oh and i had to walk around with a sarong cuz if i wore pants, the waist band will just dig into my hips and irritate my stitches.

The last day i was in the hospital was on 22nd March…finally i thought i cud go home and not get bored…however….it was not that nice being at home because everything seemed so far. And since my room isnt air-conditioned, i was sweeting like hell. I still couldnt wash my hair for another day cuz i was still very weak and i cant stand straight just yet. Taking a shower was also a loong process for me. I had to be careful not to wet my hip area. Being at home too also meant no one there to help me to get stuff like a glass of water or if i was hungry…i had to walk to the kitchen, heat up the porridge (i was on porridge diet for a whole week!! But no complaints cuz it did good to my waistline) …in the hospital everything was within reach…there was always someone next to me to get watever i needed.. 🙂

I was given another week to rest at home. The whole time i finished watching the whole season of Glee…watch old movies…i was basically glued to either the laptop or the cable Tv. Before i went back to work, I had another appointment with my surgeons. They had to open up my stitches. But guess wat? When they opened the stitch, my skin started to open up…so they had to leave some stitch for another week to allow the skin to really close up properly. My face was still kinda bloated from the operation. My lips sore and blistered from the tugging and puling during the surgery. My upper lip…was gone unfortunately…heheeh…

The next week i had to go back to work…bluerg!! Back to normal life. I couldn’t drive just yet so I got my best friend Nelly to drive me. Luckily we work in the same place. So it was not much of a hassle. I just chip in petrol money.

Its been weeks since my operation and im healing very well. Stitches all taken off both from my hips and from my gums. I started driving after 3 weeks. I cud walk fine already. Cant run though..still have to keep my movements to a minimum. I can finally eat solid food. But i can only chew on one side for the moment. I did loose 4kg since the operation (Wuhoooo!!!) The only prob right now..my scar is sooooo damn itchy!!! That i guess i have to wait aliitle bit longer to heal…


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