Happy Easter!!

Easter has always been a day my whole family gathers and just enjoy a feast. When we were kids the cousins will run around my grandma’s house playing cops & robbers or we’d play with my younger cousin’s toys and create a silly game out of it. As we grew older, the activity would tone down abit. We’d probably go out to Papar town and get some banana fritters or ‘kuih pisang’ as we call it here. Since I was the only one who had a licence at that time, I end up being the driver and we’d all cramp into one car. Gosh..there were alot of us.  But its was fun. Then for a while Easter was quiet because most of us, cousins, went away to study. Now that most of us are back here, its was crowed again at any one gathering place.

This year, although not the complete family came, it was fun all the same. Since all of us have grown (but not necessarily matured..we’re still kids at heart), our main activities are eating and talking. Oh…and laughing of course. Our main topic of conversation this year was pregnancies and cravings…hahha..next year same time it’ll be babies and diapers.

I guess everyone goes through the circle of life and no matter what..when you reach a certain age, regardless of the era we are in, we talk about the same thing exactly as what our parents go through before us. You can actually predict what topic will be discussed in the next few years…and the next year after…this year its weddings Next year, pregnancies. The year after, babies. And the so on and so on…

Sometimes I do feel abit left out. Everyone around me getting married or having children. But why do I have to follow everyone else when I’m not ready, right? Im grateful that no one is pressuring and nagging at me to follow the rest. I’m taking my sweet time and enjoy life as it comes along. I used to be so stressed and pressured. But I shouldn’t. I’m happy where I am right now. I just go with the flow. So for those single people out there..don’t stress out so much about it. Life’s too precious to worry about where you’re gonna end up. Just enjoy the moment.GOD has his reasons for everything and only time will reveal what it is.


4 thoughts on “Happy Easter!!

  1. melbie says:

    hehehe ya ba … nda payah rasa pressured… someday, those married with children will envy us, the singles! LOL! Just do whatever that make us happy… that’s how I think now, too.. we may never know if we ever live to see tomorrow, so live the day to the fullest. I sure don’t want to die unhappy and in regrets!!! Nanti grumpy tu muka mayat sia hahhaha

    • astridgrover says:

      tuuu la bah…kita rilllleeeek ja..hehehe…when the day those married ppl envy us bleh la kita dance the “All the single ladies! All the single ladies!!” ahahhaah

  2. Evan says:

    Haha..ya bah, biar single asalkan happy. I really know how u feel. But, let us enjoy singlehood to the fullest.

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