A whole new world…

Last weekend, I had to attend a course (for what I wasnt too sure for). What’s worst was that it was a whole day course. Now im sitting here in the office and it felt like the weekend never came. I feel so tired and drained. Thank goodness I dont’ have any work so I can actually just sit here and do nothing…stare at my computer screen with a blank mind…

Anyway at the end of the two day program, I did learn a whole new industry…which is Education. And I’ve learnt that the education field is a damn complicated industry. I’ve always thought that it’s basically teaching students a certain subject till they graduate. That’s it. But the fact is, it’s not that simple. I didn’t know that for you to be a lecturer, you have a certain certification. And also, the best part is that, at a certain level, you can actually make lotsa moolah…*kachingching* Thats my magic word!

At that particular level you can actually certify students’ portfolio and for each portfolio you check and approve, you get *kachingching*!!! And you don’t really have to be attached to one education institution. Very interesting huh? So I guess I’m kinda glad that I accepted this job. I not only have a very flexible working environment (unlike my previous jobs) I also learnt a whole new industry. It might be very useful for me one day.


One thought on “A whole new world…

  1. melbie says:

    Knowing your situation before this, and sitting next to you day in day out before, I envy you! Hehehe .. but most of all, I’m happy for you…. so go ahead, make that kachingching! LOL!

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