If trees could talk

Its a gloomy sunday afternoon and im just lazing around in my room. Im lying on my bed facing the window. All i could see is the sky and a tree swaying in the wind.

Its one of those days where my mind just blanks out and goes into some blissful trance. Just watching the tree out my window swaying swiftly is just so relaxing. Then it hit me that this tree has been there since the beginning of my life. I have no idea wat tree it is but all my life i remembered it was already very high. When i was young, every afternoon i would have my nap and i would be woken up by the sun hitting my room. And the first thing i saw when i woke up was the tree. That was almost 30 years ago. And today, i still see the same thing.  This tree has seen me grow up to become what i am today. If it could talk, all my secrets will be out..secrets my own family living in the house don’t know. It has seen me in all my happy moments. The times i would dance alone in the room or i would sing to my hearts content with a hairbrush as a mic or the times i would play dress-up and mix&match all the clothes i (and my mum) have . It has seen me also in my lowest moment. Moments where i would lock myself up in the room, crank up my stereo and cry my heart out. This tree is probably the only living thing that knows me through and through; my past, my passions, my crazy and weird antics and i guess also my future plans. It will probably still be here further up my future pathway. Even though this tree knows every inch of me, yet it does not judge me in any way… If the tree could talk, it will probably be my bestest friend in the world.


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