Tsamina mina eh eh..waka waka eh eh!!

Everyone around me are talking about football…everyone got the FIFA fever…its not really my kinda game and im not dat into it…but heck just for the fun of it i guess i can pretend to be into it huh? The last time i was so engrossed in it was the last FIFA…i had this stupid idea of taking on a bet with a friend..and i lost! This is wat u get when u have no idea whch team is better or no idea who the hell the players are and den taking on a bet with someone who lives by football…oh well…it was an experience tho’…this time round i’ll just stick to pretending to be excited but if friends invite me to watch the game at the irish pub, i just say my mum wants me clean the aquarium…I did however youtubed that Waka-waka song by Shakira…I LOVED IT!! its so colorfull!! Colors of africa mahn! The music is just so uplifting! Great job Shakira! Eventho’ i dont know the meaning of Tsamina mina..waka-waka…Here’s the vid for your enjoyment!

Btw..for the sake of FIFA…Viva Brazil!!!!


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