where did it go???

Oh gosh..i cant believe the last time i posted here was during the world cup fever….dats almost half a year ago. Where did i go? NOWHERE!! hahaha..close frens will know i have been procrastinating (duh! whats new?) I’m online everyday (thanks to the ample time i have on my hands being a lecturer now) but i’m just too lazy to update my blog. And besides, Im not too sure if anyone follows my blog anyways.

So what have i been up to lately? I have just joined a gym and now im trying to figure out my meal plans. I never realised that setting a meal plan to suit my lifestyle and exercise can be so confusing. Im so used to meal plans for weightloss without workouts.

If i stick to the same meal plan i had, i get too tired after my workouts. But if i eat more to fuel myself for my workouts, my eating habits will change and i want to eat more…which results in me getting bigger!! ngaaa…can someone please help!


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