Just suddenly



It’s nice to be someone else for awhile. At this moment, I am Ashley.

Its been years! i have no idea why..just suddenly i had this thought to come back to this forgotten blog. Surprised i even remembered my password.

So here i am 5 years later, sitting in the corner of Starbucks, drinking my latte, laptop on the table. I looked around and see all these people ordering their coffee, nice jazzy music playing…felt abit relaxed. i needed this. I love this feeling. like im in a totaly different place. a different country. i’ve always envisioned myself in this state. i cant explain it in words. im not really that articulate but basically i just needed this break from my hectic & stressful life. Sometimes it’s nice to just be alone.

Past year has been so tiring to a point im almost drained dry. I think im on the verge of a burnout. i cant figure out my priorities anymore. I’ve been so tied down to my day job & running my own business. too many things..too many problems appear one after another. At this point i wish i could just drop everything, pack up and leave. Go some place where no one knows me, and i can focus on doing the things i love the most. Creative art. My DIY projects. Build myself as who i really am. Be inspired and to be an inspiration. Or just sit in a corner of a cafe & watch people. Like now.

However, in 15 minutes, i have to leave this place and go back to reality. Work must go on. Ah well, it was a nice short 1hour release from reality. Till we meet again blog. Out.


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