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Who am I? October 30, 2008

I am…

….someone who is very much a child. I love playing, laughing..just being carefree.

….someone who is constantly trying to learn new things. Exploring new “games” in life. Basically trying to experience all the things that life has to offer. And hopefully get better at it.

….someone who is still learning about and discovering  herself. Every year I unlock something new about myself…New ideas, new talents, new feelings, new hobbies, new traits, new interest..things i didnt know I had it in me.

…someone with many different characteristics that I myself dont know which is ME. I feel that i am shy and reserved. But friends think im the opposite.

….someone who is EXTREMELY self-concious. But im learning to accept myself as who I am and that im BEAUTIFUL in every aspect. Its not that easy but I think i can manage it one step at a time.

…what I am..moulded by time, experiences and people that surround me.

And I wish to share some (if not all) of me…my thoughts, my experiences, my history right here.


2 Responses to “Who am I?”

  1. housewife9988 Says:

    The way you describe yourself is rather cute & secretive… i love to read ur durians… durians.. durians..

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