Just suddenly



It’s nice to be someone else for awhile. At this moment, I am Ashley.

Its been years! i have no idea why..just suddenly i had this thought to come back to this forgotten blog. Surprised i even remembered my password.

So here i am 5 years later, sitting in the corner of Starbucks, drinking my latte, laptop on the table. I looked around and see all these people ordering their coffee, nice jazzy music playing…felt abit relaxed. i needed this. I love this feeling. like im in a totaly different place. a different country. i’ve always envisioned myself in this state. i cant explain it in words. im not really that articulate but basically i just needed this break from my hectic & stressful life. Sometimes it’s nice to just be alone.

Past year has been so tiring to a point im almost drained dry. I think im on the verge of a burnout. i cant figure out my priorities anymore. I’ve been so tied down to my day job & running my own business. too many things..too many problems appear one after another. At this point i wish i could just drop everything, pack up and leave. Go some place where no one knows me, and i can focus on doing the things i love the most. Creative art. My DIY projects. Build myself as who i really am. Be inspired and to be an inspiration. Or just sit in a corner of a cafe & watch people. Like now.

However, in 15 minutes, i have to leave this place and go back to reality. Work must go on. Ah well, it was a nice short 1hour release from reality. Till we meet again blog. Out.


R.I.P Amy Winehouse

Why am I not shocked by this news when I first heard it yesterday? I guess it was expected (there’s even a website for it. Click here ) that she would fall to her death just like most of the drug-depended musicians, who were also coincidentally dead at age 27. And just like all those in ‘Club 27’, she was a very talented one, she could have gone so much further. Not shocking but still so sad and such a waste of a good talent. Ah well…its not like people dear to her did not try to help her with her battle with drugs and alcho. But in the end its her choice. “They tried to make me go to rehab, I SAID NO NO NO!” I think that’s pretty clear enough.

Nonetheless, Im sure her music will always live strong. And as a tribute to her talent, here’s THE song that opened her stardom. And ironically, its also the song that’s perfect for her closing act.

One red paper clip


Yes. Its a red paper clip. So what’s so special about it? If you googled ‘one red paper clip’ you will probably see the name Kyle MacDonald, or a line that says “guy traded paper clip for a house”. WHAT? How can anyone posibly trade their way from a paperclip to a house? Well believe it or not, Mr. Paper-clip-guy is for real.

Here’s his oficial website and his story.


I am very inspired by the red paper clip project. He has proven that NOTHING is impossible.

Now hear me out. Im offering to trade. Anyone wanna trade a GREEN paper clip?

where did it go???

Oh gosh..i cant believe the last time i posted here was during the world cup fever….dats almost half a year ago. Where did i go? NOWHERE!! hahaha..close frens will know i have been procrastinating (duh! whats new?) I’m online everyday (thanks to the ample time i have on my hands being a lecturer now) but i’m just too lazy to update my blog. And besides, Im not too sure if anyone follows my blog anyways.

So what have i been up to lately? I have just joined a gym and now im trying to figure out my meal plans. I never realised that setting a meal plan to suit my lifestyle and exercise can be so confusing. Im so used to meal plans for weightloss without workouts.

If i stick to the same meal plan i had, i get too tired after my workouts. But if i eat more to fuel myself for my workouts, my eating habits will change and i want to eat more…which results in me getting bigger!! ngaaa…can someone please help!

Tsamina mina eh eh..waka waka eh eh!!

Everyone around me are talking about football…everyone got the FIFA fever…its not really my kinda game and im not dat into it…but heck just for the fun of it i guess i can pretend to be into it huh? The last time i was so engrossed in it was the last FIFA…i had this stupid idea of taking on a bet with a friend..and i lost! This is wat u get when u have no idea whch team is better or no idea who the hell the players are and den taking on a bet with someone who lives by football…oh well…it was an experience tho’…this time round i’ll just stick to pretending to be excited but if friends invite me to watch the game at the irish pub, i just say my mum wants me clean the aquarium…I did however youtubed that Waka-waka song by Shakira…I LOVED IT!! its so colorfull!! Colors of africa mahn! The music is just so uplifting! Great job Shakira! Eventho’ i dont know the meaning of Tsamina mina..waka-waka…Here’s the vid for your enjoyment!

Btw..for the sake of FIFA…Viva Brazil!!!!

If trees could talk

Its a gloomy sunday afternoon and im just lazing around in my room. Im lying on my bed facing the window. All i could see is the sky and a tree swaying in the wind.

Its one of those days where my mind just blanks out and goes into some blissful trance. Just watching the tree out my window swaying swiftly is just so relaxing. Then it hit me that this tree has been there since the beginning of my life. I have no idea wat tree it is but all my life i remembered it was already very high. When i was young, every afternoon i would have my nap and i would be woken up by the sun hitting my room. And the first thing i saw when i woke up was the tree. That was almost 30 years ago. And today, i still see the same thing.  This tree has seen me grow up to become what i am today. If it could talk, all my secrets will be out..secrets my own family living in the house don’t know. It has seen me in all my happy moments. The times i would dance alone in the room or i would sing to my hearts content with a hairbrush as a mic or the times i would play dress-up and mix&match all the clothes i (and my mum) have . It has seen me also in my lowest moment. Moments where i would lock myself up in the room, crank up my stereo and cry my heart out. This tree is probably the only living thing that knows me through and through; my past, my passions, my crazy and weird antics and i guess also my future plans. It will probably still be here further up my future pathway. Even though this tree knows every inch of me, yet it does not judge me in any way… If the tree could talk, it will probably be my bestest friend in the world.

Impromptu weekend…

My weekend was a blast and it didn’t even involve any alcohol!

It started right after work on Friday…my friend & I went to watch a free movie screening at Suria GSC…not a new movie but still it was free…Right after the movie, we went sushi frenzy at Wagamama..my friend had a 50% discount voucher.  Eventhough we only had 45 mins to closing time we managed to finish up 10 plates (far less than what we used to eat years back) but hey..we were damn bloated with sushi. On the way back to send my friend to her car, we saw that there was a Kaamatan night market at Gaya Street…so we decided to stop by and just have a look. We ended up goin from one stall to the next camwhoring and testing out shades and hats! Who cares if the stall owners looked irritated at us…we did but a pair of shades each…We finally moved back to our cars but before we part our ways and each drove home, we had this stupid idea of again…camwhoring with our new aviator shades…in the car…at night in the middle of nowhere!! So much fun! Havent had that much laugh in a while…

Saturday – woke up late as intended. In the afternoon it rained so heavy but no complaints there. I had to do some errands with my cousin. Some stuff to arranged for her sister’s wedding end of May. By 3pm, I had to rush back home and change to my sports outfit…badminton with two other friends. Damn! I was drained of my energy…but yet..no complaints still.  After the badminton session, we suddenly decided to go for fish head curry at the famous Krishna restaurant….so we all rush back home and freshened up and head for dinner at 8pm. The three of us managed to finish a huge pot of fish head curry…urgh! There goes our workout few hours before… And again another impromptu plan came up…we wanted to watch a movie..and a movie we did watch…Freddy Kruger’s Nightmare on elm st… ol’ time classic!

It was good that none of us were sleep deprived from the movie the night before. Woke up late on Sunday…again,.intended..headed for lunch. During lunch…another impromptu idea came up..this time to go for a drive and look for this new resort called Kasih Sayang resort.  We called again two of our friends, picked them up at their houses and headed for Inanam…we werent so sure where the resort is but who cares..if we end up in Kinabalu Park…oh well…we just trust where the wheels of my car will lead us. Just after  Menggatal town we saw a signboard that reads Kasih Sayang…so uphill we went. we passed thru’ beautiful scenery…ones that we dont usualy get to see. It was the view of the whole of KK! What seemed like an endless drive uphill we finaly reached the resort. It’s a very small resort built just at the cliff hill. We only realized that where we were was at the Crocker Range. We hang out there for a bit just to let the rain pass. Its such a nice place..and the best thing…its really cold..and we didnt even have to go far…thumbs up for Kasih Sayang Resort!


Soon after we headed back to KK and on the way we stopped by 1Borneo just to walk around and eat some donuts! What a way to sum up the whole weekend…DELICIOUS & SWEET!!!