Mom gives Botox to 8-year old daughter

The stories you find on Youtube are so crazy. I spent half the day staring at my tiny laptop screen like a magnet because of one disturbing story i stumbled upon on Youtube. I mean who wouldn’t be drawn to a title that says “Mom gives Botox to 8-year old daughter”. Gotcha! I bet you were drawn to read my blog too when you see the title huh?

So this is the story that caught my initial attention:

Then I could help but find out more about this story;

So now she denies it?? Geez…

This is another interview she did. In the Good Morning America interview, she said it hurt a “little bit” but got used to it. Here, the kid had an oops moment when she said her botox hurt. Observe how she looked to her mom for reassurance.

So yeah this story is crazy, and stupid. (Yet i was still determined to find out more about it.) Whatever it is, Anderson Cooper summed up my thoughts.

Well said Anderson Cooper!

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