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Sabah’s gem August 22, 2011

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It good to see someone from your own small town do very well in their life, and be famous because of it. I’m so proud of these¬†homegrown talents who made it big. There are a handful but i would like to focus on Mia Palencia. Such soulful voice. Such talent. Beautiful.

She grew up being in the lime light. Always have. I first knew her when she sang at our school event. She was a couple years my junior. It was clear that she is a rare talent and who will not stop doing what she does. More than 15 years later, she’s still singing..and doing even more. ¬†To find out more about her, go to her homepage Mia Palencia. Check out her latest album too Songs from the Jiwang Kingdom.

Enjoy one of her song from her latest album. Really hit home for me.